How to Participate

1. Sign up to the AMR Register

2. Form a team

Use the research team form to provide details of your team. You are required to register all team members. Each team must have a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5 team members.

Teams entering for the AMR Student Innovation Prize must comprise of a majority of students, with a maximum of one named non-student mentor. Teams entering for this prize should indicate this by checking the box on the Research Team Form.

Individuals or teams who lack teammates or particular skillsets should sign up for the dedicated 2024 Vivli AMR Surveillance Data Challenge Slack channel and post a message in the #I-want-to- join-a-team channel to advise other researchers they are interested in a collaboration.

3. Submit a 300-word Expression of Interest

See the step-by-step instructions to submit an Expression of Interest

4. Access the Data

If your team’s expression of interest is accepted, the Lead Applicant will be notified by the AMR Register that their data request has been approved. Your team will then be able to access the data immediately, and will have a 30-day period to download and work with the data, and to upload your resulting submission document.
How to access the Data

5. Create and Upload your Final Submission Document

Your team will have a 30-day submission window to download and work with the requested data, and to upload your final Submission Document to the Chat section of the data request on the AMR Register (see this guide on how to upload a document). The 30-day submission window will start at midnight Eastern Time on the day the Lead Applicant is sent an email to confirm that the data request is approved.

The submission document should have a cover page. The template cover page can be downloaded here. The submission document will be a maximum of 5 pages (not including the cover page and references), with a succinct abstract to include:
a. Objectives
b. Methods
c. Results
d. Impact of the work
e. Tables/figures

Your Submission may include external links if necessary – these links must be for posts on an open access site such as GitHub, OSF or Zenodo.
References (in any style) can be added and are not included in the 5-page limit.
Please do not include Appendices (these will not be reviewed).

Submission documents that do not comply with these conditions will not be considered for the challenge.

See the Data challenge Overview for information about Judging Criteria and Awards