A global AMR surveillance data sharing platform
Dedicated to helping industry share antimicrobial resistance surveillance data with researchers in the fight against AMR

Antimicrobial resistance — a growing global health threat

The AMR Register is advancing understanding and stimulating policy change through data sharing and research

Why We Support the AMR Register
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“Drug-resistant infections presents one of the biggest threats to our future global health and economic security. Successfully addressing the rise in drug-resistant infections hinges on obtaining and using reliable and openly accessible surveillance data."
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"Industry, patients and healthcare workers can all benefit from this which is why I encourage all industry to contribute to the register. I hope that we can all play our parts to support the Vivli platform in any way we can."
Dame Sally Davies, UK Special Envoy on Antimicrobial Resistance
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“One of things that we have learned is the importance of sharing data and open data, now COVID has shown that it is do-able and that sharing data actually achieves real results."
Dr. Tim Jinks, Head of Infectious Diseases Interventions, Wellcome Trust

Updates & Events

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