Fulfilled Requests

Data Request IDResearcher's NameResearcher's AffiliationData Request TitleData Contributors
8010, 8011, 8013, 8014Moska HellamandAccess To Medicine Foundation, NetherlandsAssessment of datasets shared on the AMR RegisterGSK, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Shionogi
8055Jose Lopez RevillaInstituto Nacional de salud del Niño San Borja, PeruThe impact of resistance on sepsis mortality in pediatricsPfizer
8173Catrin MooreSt. George’s, University of London, UKADILA (AMR data for local action)GSK, Johnson & Johnson, Paratek, Pfizer, Shionogi, Venatorx
8235Megan CoffeeMailman School of Public Health, USANigeria AMRPfizer, Shionogi, Venatorx
8430Victoria SavageInfex Therapeutics, UKEstablishing the prevalence of metallo-B-lactamases and carbapenem-resistance in Gram negative pathogensMerck, Pfizer
8432Ghanshyam LadIndependent researcher, IndiaThe trend of antibiotic resistance of tetracycline in adults in recent yearsPfizer
8447, 8594 8595, 8596Benn SartoriusUniversity of Oxford, UKThe Global Research on Antimicrobial Resistance (GRAM) ProjectParatek, Pfizer, Shionogi, Venatorx
8544Gwen KnightLondon School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UKMedical Research Council - Career Development Award (MRC CDA) fellowship projectGSK, Johnson & Johnson, Paratek, Shionogi, Venatorx
8554Ying HuangThe Chinese University of Hong Kong, ChinaTo explore pathogens and antibiotic susceptibility in hospitalPfizer
8612/8613Camille AndreHarvard Medical School, USAEpidemiology and antimicrobial resistance of bacteria causing eye infectionsParatek, Pfizer
8745Ingrid JacobsonUniversity of Minnesota Twin Cities - Center for Infectious Disease Research and Prevention (CIDRAP), USAMaster's Thesis Project on Antifungal ResistancePfizer
8811Naomi WaterlowLondon School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UKAMR and ageGSK, Johnson & Johnson, Paratek, Pfizer, Venatorx
8906Megan CoffeeNYU LangoneDiagnosis of Tuberculosis through computer-assisted detectionJohnson & Johnson
8907Megan CoffeeNYU LangoneAMR Global Analysis of trends in genotypes of resistanceParatek
8911Dickson AruhomukamaMakerere University College of Health SciencesData Challenge_Investigating the Evolution and Predicting the Future Outlook of Antimicrobial Resistance in sub-Saharan Africa Using Genotypic Data for Klebsiella pneumoniae: A 5-Year AnalysisPfizer
8920Omololu FagunwaQueens University BelfastInsights into AMR trends and resistant pathogens in Middle-East and AfricaJohnson & Johnson, Merck, Paratek, Pfizer, Venatorx
8923Robert BeardmoreUniversity of Exeter/Universidad Carlos III/Westmead Hospital / University of SydneyData Challenge - Are antibiotic breakpoints globally consistent, does it matter if not?Pfizer
8928Mabel AworhNorth Carolina State UniversityData Challenge - Phenotypic and Genomic Evolution of Antimicrobial Resistance among WHO Priority pathogens in LMICSGSK, Paratek, Pfizer, Venatorx
8930Kauke Bakari ZimbweThe Benjamin Mkapa HospitalData challenge - Antimicrobial resistance trend and clinical implications of WHO priority pathogens from urine, blood and woundsJohnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Venatorx
8932Megan CoffeeNYU Grossman School of MedicineData Challenge - Building the macro from the micro: towards predictive analytic models for country-wide prediction of antimicrobial resistancePfizer, Shionogi
8936Rik OldenkampUniversiteit AmsterdamData Challenge - Spatiotemporal modelling of antimicrobial resistance in key gram-negative pathogens: Deciphering global patterns using indirect predictorsPfizer, Venatorx
8938Ifeanyi ElibeUniversity of IbadanData Challenge - Phenotypic assays analysis and Meta-analysis of whole genome sequencing studies of Klebsiella pneumonia, Escherichia coli, and Enterobacter spp. reveals multiple AMR patterns and diverse MDR lineages spread across AfricaPfizer, Venatorx
8939Saviour AtuheireMakerere University College of Health SciencesData Challenge - Aeromonas resistancePfizer
8940Nalugya FlaviaMakerere UniversityData Challenge - correlation between antibiotic consumption patterns and the emergence of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in specific bacterial strains in different regionsGSK, Pfizer
8941Amusa WamawobeMakerere UniversityData Challenge - Designing a PCR Test for Detecting Antimicrobial Resistance Markers in Gram-Negative Bacteria in Africa Using Genotypic AMR Data from Multiple CountriesPfizer
8943Muditha HapudeniyaMinistry of Health, Sri LankaData Challenge - Application of statistical and machine learning methods to predict antimicrobial susceptibility to blood borne microorganisms to support administrative and policy level decision makingPfizer
8945Obed AmponsahKwame Nkrumah University of Science and TechnologyAntibiotic Resistance Patterns in Africa Using the Pfizer ATLAS Surveillance System _ Open Data ChallengePfizer
8951Mugerwa MosesTufaayo FoundationData Challange: Exploring the Link Between Gram-Negative Pathogen Resistance and Omadacycline EffectivenessParatek, Venatorx
8952Stephen OpiyoPatira Data ScienceData Challenge - Unleashing the Power of AI: Harnessing Vivli Data from Kenya to Unlock the Untapped Potential of AMR Data from UgandaPfizer
8961Ndugwa HenryInternational center of insect physiology and ecologyData Challenge: Predicting Antimicrobial resistance in different geographical locations, micobes, antimicrobial classes and infection types using spatial temporal analysisPfizer
8964Bonface OnyangoInternational center of insect physiology and ecologyData Challenge - Global Antimicrobial Resistance Trends and Patterns Identification using Machine LearningPfizer
8990Babafela AwosileTexas Tech University School of Veterinary MedicineData Challenge - Predictive modeling of phenotypic antimicrobial susceptibility of selected critical and high-priority antimicrobials from antimicrobial resistance genesPfizer
8995Fredrick MutisyaNarok County GovernmentData Challenge: Application of artificial intelligence methods in AMRPfizer
9005, 9020Kenneth IrunguMinistry if Health, KenyaData challenge: respiratory tract infections; is it true resistance or does penicillin workGSK, Venatorx
9006Ivan LumuInfectious Diseases Institute, Makerere UniversityData Challenge - Developing tools to improve empirical treatment in low and middle income countriesGSK, Paratek, Pfizer, Shionogi, Venatorx,
9013Adebiyi Sefiyat OdunolaStellenboch UniversityData Challenge: Unlocking AMR Landscape: Decoding National, Regional and Global Trends and Predicting Hotspots for a Resilient Future using the ATLAS, GEAR and ResistanceMap Databases, 2004-2021Pfizer, Venatorx
9017Samra QadriShaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science and TechnologyData Challenge - Gram Negative Pathogen and Antimicrobial resistanceVenatorx
9022Josephat HemaSwansea UniversityData Challenge - Development and impact of carbapenem-resistant pseudomonas aeruginosa (CRPA) in selected low- and middle-income countries.Pfizer
9025Elizabeth AkandeUniversity of IbadanAMR challenge - LAST RESORT THREATENED, WHAT NEXT?Venatorx
9029Tunde EgunjobiIgbinedion UniversityData Challenge - Ten-year Trends In Antimicrobial Resistance Amongst Pathogens Isolated From Clinical Samples.Paratek, Pfizer, Venatorx
9035Kessendri ReddyStellenbosch University and National Health Laboratory ServiceData Challenge: Long term trends in antimicrobial susceptibility to therapeutic options for carbapenem-resistant A. baumannii, K. pneumoniae and P. aeruginosa in AfricaPfizer, Shionogi, Venatorx
9038Mapoloko Theresia MoholoholoMinistry of Health LesothoData Challenge: Title : Global scenario of beta-lactams resistance in extraintestinal E.coli among pediatric patients: 2018-2021Venatorx
9039Areena Hoda SiddiquiIntegral Institute of Medical Sciences and Reasearch, Integral UniversityData Challenge-Colistin Sparing Strategies To Overcome Resistance: Can We Save Future !Pfizer, Venatorx
9040Aishwarya DasCentral Research Laboratory, KIMSGenomic surveillance of Antimicrobial resistance Data challengePfizer
9043Walter KiiryaMbarara University of science and technologyCommunity health workers knowledge about AMR data challengePfizer
9044Arryn CraneyPetrified Bugs LLCData Challenge - Trending Antibiotic Resistance ProfilesParatek, Pfizer, Shionogi, Venatorx
9045Suchitra ThapaTribhuvan UniversityData Challenge: Changes in Fluoroquinolone susceptibility for Enterobacteriaceae among adult population in Asia: A trend analysis over a decadePfizer
9047Imran SajidUniversity of the Punjab, LahoreData Challenge-Unveiling Novel Resistance Mechanisms: Genomic Insights into Carbapenem-Resistant Gram-Negative BacteriaShionogi
9048Vuciri Jude RuggaSsingo Pharmaceuticals LimitedComparative analysis of antibiotic susceptibility trends and bacterial resistance patterns among countries participating in the ATLAS program. - DATA CHALLENGEPfizer
9049Shraddha KarveAshoka UniversityData challenge - Novel approach to antibiogram analysis: looking at the composite resistance phenotypeGSK, Johnson & Johnson, Paratek, Pfizer, Shionogi, Venatorx
9050Yesmi Patricia Ahumada SantosUniversidad Autónoma de SinaloaData Challenge-RESISTANCE TREND ANALYSIS OF MULTI-DRUG RESISTANCE REGISTERED FROM 2016 TO 2021 IN AMERICA COMPARED TO OTHER CONTINENTSJohnson & Johnson, Paratek, Pfizer, Shionogi, Venatorx
9054Mayibongwe MzingwaneNational University of Science and TechnologyData challenge: A predictive Tool on the Geospatial Clinical and Economic Impact of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) on paediatric and adult populations.Pfizer
9055Rogers NsubugaKABConsult, School of Public HealthData Challenge - BROAD SPECTRUM ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANCE AMONG NEONATES IN AFRICAPfizer
9056Jacob WildfireLSHTM/SGULData Challenge - Exploration of how the distributions in MIC vary by key population groupings (such as age or infection type)GSK, Johnson & Johnson, Paratek, Pfizer, Shionogi, Venatorx
9057Quentin LeclercInstitut PasteurData Challenge - Combining datasets to address AMR surveillance gapsGSK, Johnson & Johnson, Paratek, Pfizer, Shionogi, Venatorx
9059Yanhong Jessika huMurdoch Children's Research InstituteData Challenge - Global Geographic Patterns and Trends of WHO Priority Pathogens and AWaRe Antibiotic Resistances among Children: An Epidemiological Surveillance StudyPfizer
9060Innocent OruruMbarara University of Science and TechnologyADMS(AI DRIVEN MALARIA DIAGNOSIS SYSTEM).data challengeVenatorx
9062SHADIA NAKALEMAINFECTIOUS DISEASES INSTITUTE, Makerere UniversityData Challenge - Driving Evidence-Based Antibiotic Prescribing: Machine Learning-Enabled Point of Care Antibiograms for Improved Patient CarePfizer
9063Joseph HarwellClinton Health Access InitiativeTrends in resistance to AWaRe drugs in Africa Data ChallengePfizer
9064Louise CerdeiraLSHTMData Challenge - An Evaluation of Klebsiella pneumoniae Antimicrobial Resistance Trends in LMICsPfizer, Venatorx
9065Julius KyomyaMbarara University of Science and TechnologyAMRIS data challengePfizer, Venatorx
9066Wilson MudakiUniversity of Cape TownData Challenge - MICRES - Bridging the Gap in Antimicrobial Resistance Decision-MakingPfizer
9068Roshan NaikCarmel CollegeDPT Data ChallengePfizer, Venatorx
9069Randa ElsheikhUniversity of EdinburghData Challenge - Monitoring the changes in the susceptibility pattern of Pseudomonas aeruginosa to seven classes of antibiotics in the Eastern Mediterranean region from 2004 to 2021.Pfizer
9070Duc NguyenHanoi Medical HospitalAMR through the eyes of machine learning - Data ChallengeGSK, Johnson & Johnson, Paratek, Pfizer, Shionogi, Venatorx
9072Irshaad HoosainUniversity of Cape TownAMR Data Challenge: CAP Pathogen AMR Patterns in LMICsGSK, Pfizer
9073Namubiru Saudah KizitoMinistry of Health, UgandaProjecting the Development of Antimicrobial Resistance to Beta-lactam Antibiotics in Africa: A Mathematical Modelling ApproachPfizer
9074Victoria OladosuBinghamton UniversityData Challenge - Investigating the antibiotics resistance pattern of Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Staphylococcus aureus in patients with co-infections versus patients with mono-infections.Paratek, Pfizer, Shionogi, Venatorx
9075Nguyen Tien HuySchool of Tropical Medicine and Global Health, Nagasaki UniversityAssessing the Interplay between Antimicrobial Resistant Rates, Government Policy Interventions Worldwide, Vaccine Coverage, and Climate Change: An Empirical Study Utilizing Global Data_AMR Data ChallengeGSK, Paratek, Pfizer
9084Ezekiel JacobsGlobal Health Research Unit, University of IbadanAMR Data Challenge - modelling and tracking colistin resistance in AfricaPfizer, Venatorx
9100Esther Syombua NdakaUnited States International University- AfricaTrends analysis of AMR in KenyaPfizer
9110Cory Kromer-EdwardsMachine Translation, LLCBuild MIC predictor using genomic data and antibiotic compounds using bacterial isolatesPfizer
9112Biel GarciasDepartament de Sanitat i Anatomia Animals, Facultat de Veterinària, Universitat Autònoma de BarcelonaComparation Human AMR vs pets in SpainPfizer
9113Tanvir AhmedMinistry of Health and Family Welfare, BangladeshAntibiotic Susceptibility in Children in Asia: Evidence from ATLAS Surveillance StudyPfizer
9118Varsha ShridharMolecular Solutions Care Health LLPIndia Colistin & Carbapenem resistance studyVenatorx
9391Tavpritesh SethiIndraprastha Institute of Information Technology DelhiMachine Learning Modeling for Global Antimicrobial ResistanceGSK, Johnson & Johnson, Paratek, Pfizer, Shionogi, Venatorx
9398Raunak ShresthaNepal Applied Mathematics & Informatics Institute (NAAMII)Systems Genomics Modelling of Drug Resistance in Mycobacterium tuberculosisJohnson & Johnson
9408Sneha KotianAmsterdam UMC, AIGHDGender trends in bacterial AMRPfizer
9414Jaxen BreamOakton High SchoolAssessment of an AI Model to Predict Antibiotic Effectiveness Against Bacterial PathogensPfizer
9435Virginia PierceUniversity of Michigan Medical SchoolEvaluation of ampicillin-sulbactam breakpoints for Acinetobacter spp.Shionogi
9475Peyton TebonGryphon Scientific, LLCAMR in Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear (CBRN) EventsPfizer, Venatorx
9733Antoine VilliéAurobac TherapeuticsEpidemiology research on Gram-bacteriaVenatorx
9762Joseph AcolatseCape Coast Teaching HospitalCountry comparison of AMR data to local dataPfizer