Why we support the AMR Register

The AMR Register, developed and managed by Vivli, brings together a broad, diverse community of stakeholders with a shared goal: to advance human health through the insights and discoveries gained by sharing and analyzing AMR surveillance data.

Vivli acts as a neutral broker between data contributor, data user, and the wider data sharing community, and is ideally situated to reflect and include a variety of important perspectives. Below, you can read the statements of many Vivli supporters, in their own words:

“I’m delighted that Vivli promises to make industry surveillance data more accessible and usable for researchers, national governments and multi-lateral organisations. The more coordinated and accessible our data is the more able policy makers will be to translate the data into meaningful action. Industry, patients and healthcare workers can all benefit from this which is why I encourage all industry to contribute to the register. I hope that we can all play our parts to support the Vivli platform in any way we can.”

Dame Sally Davies, UK Special Envoy on Antimicrobial Resistance

“One of things that we have learned is the importance of sharing data and open data, now COVID has shown that it is do-able and that sharing data actually achieves real results.”

Dr. Tim Jinks, Head of Infectious Diseases Interventions, Wellcome Trust

Drug-resistant infections presents one of the biggest threats to our future global health and economic security. Successfully addressing the rise in drug-resistant infections hinges on obtaining and using reliable and openly accessible surveillance data. Pharmaceutical companies generate a large volume of high-quality surveillance data. If that data is shared and made openly available to the wider scientific community, it could be a powerful tool for addressing the ever-growing threat of drug-resistant infections. That’s why we’re supporting Vivli as they create the Anti-Microbial Resistance (AMR) Register: an open and sustainable data platform for sharing and using surveillance data collected by the pharmaceutical industry.”


“The Access to Medicine Foundation strongly supports the sharing of data collected by the pharmaceutical industry with the AMR Register. By providing raw data, companies contribute to combating the spread of AMR by facilitating important research to map key patterns of resistance and to inform more targeted interventions.”