Leadership Team

Nina Hill
Nina M. Hill, PhD
AMR Consultant
Hill Scientific and Public Affairs

Dr. Hill is an independent consultant and the former Vice President of Innovation Policy, Global Policy at Pfizer. She is a member of external advisory boards of the Multiregional Clinical Trials Center at Harvard and Brigham and Womens’ Hospital and Vivli. Her work at Pfizer addressed anti-microbial resistance, unmet policy needs in clinical trials, compassionate access, oncology, and vaccines.

Prior to joining Pfizer, as a director of the International Center for the Disabled she helped secure passage of the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act. As a former leader of the March of Dimes in NYC, she worked to advanced maternal and infant health by advocating for expanded Medicaid coverage.

Holding a Ph.D. in Speech Science from Columbia University, she earned an MIT Certificate in Artificial Intelligence Business Strategies. She is a published author and graduate of the Executive Program, Columbia University Graduate School of Business and the Harvard Business School Pfizer Leadership Development Program.