Leadership Team

Dr. Janet Midega
Senior Research Manager, Drug Resistant Infections, Wellcome Trust UK

Dr. Midega is a Senior Research Manager for Wellcome’s Drug Resistant Infections (DRI) program where she is providing scientific leadership, program development and management support to the surveillance and epidemiology program on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR). At Wellcome, she led the recently published work on the burden of AMR and continues to lead science and policy research which aims at evaluating how legislative changes banning antibiotic use in animal meat production can reduce the potential transfer of resistant pathogens between animals and humans; and a surveillance program on the development of a comprehensive data capture system for patient-centered AMR surveillance in low- and middle-income countries. In line with the DRI programs interest in accelerating the development of new antibiotics, Janet worked closely with CARB-x based at Boston University, USA in 2018/19, as part of Wellcome’s role as an accelerator and support for companies joining CARBx. Prior to joining Wellcome, Janet was a scientist at Imperial College and the University of Oxford, Big Data Institute; in collaboration with the KEMRI- Wellcome Trust Research Program where she worked for over 10 years conducting academic research on the genomic epidemiology of malaria. Janet is also a Senior Fellow in Public Health at the Aspen Institute, Washington DC, USA.