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How we share on the AMR Register To obtain GSK’s AMR surveillance data for analysis, researchers should use the AMR Register platform to submit a request. The anonymized data will then be made available to the researcher to download. Data for ongoing surveillance programs will be updated annually.
Programs Listed for Sharing AMR surveillance data available on the AMR Register:

• SOAR 201818 – Results from the Survey of Antibiotic Resistance (SOAR) 2014-2016 in Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Croatia, Russia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, the Slovak Republic and Greece

What information will be provided Where available, the following data and information are provided for each dataset:
🗹 Raw dataset. This is the dataset containing the anonymized isolate level data collected during the study. The dataset can be downloaded.
🗹 Program description. Information about how the data were collected is provided on the program pages.
🗹 Links to Publications. Links to journal publications based on the data collected are provided on the program pages.
Data Request Review Process Researchers can request access to our datasets by providing the purposes of the analysis and a brief description of the research project. The research proposal is reviewed by the data contributor.
Review Criteria for Data Requests If a data request competes with the GSK’s publication plan, or duplicates analyses already published, GSK will decline the research proposal and inform the researcher accordingly.
Questions or enquiries Please send any questions or enquiries to amr@vivli.org
GSK’s Register or Website www.gsk-studyregister.com/en/trial-details/?id=201818