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June 30, 2022 | Media Coverage and Social Media Update

Media Roundup:

Social Media:

Pablo-David Rojas on Twitter: “Here a valuable and powerful tool, data-driven and very useful to tackle #AntimicrobialResistance”

Nadine Hillock on Twitter: ”Fantastic initiative! 👏👏 AMR data sharing platform for researchers to access resistance data held by industry”

Damiano de Felice on Twitter: “Kudos to @Wellcome_AMR and @VivliCenter.It is great to see that the #AMRregister has become a reality”

CIDRAP-ASP on Twitter: “New interview! @cvdall speaks with Dr @rebeccali2006 about the launch of @VivliCenter’s AMR Register, which allows access to raw antibiotic susceptibility data collected by pharmaceutical and biotech companies”

AMR Action Fund on Twitter: “Great Q&A btwn @cvdall and @VivliCenter’s Rebecca Li about the newly launched AMR Register, which is supported by our portfolio co @VenatorxPharma and several of our investors incl @pfizer, @GSK, @JNJGlobalHealth, @Merck, @SHIONOGI_JP https://cidrap.umn.e”

Pfizer Medical on Twitter: “We’re pleased to lead the way as a founding contributor of antimicrobial surveillance raw data to @VivliCenter AMR Register, enabling key decision makers access to trends in resistance #AMR”

Merck on Twitter: “We are proud to include our SMART surveillance program in the new #AMR Register from @VivliCenter, helping preserve antibiotics for future generations. Learn more:”

Francesca on Twitter: “Wow it is fantastic to see this becoming reality and with so many contributing companies @Wellcome_AMR @VivliCenter”

Venatorx Pharmaceuticals on Twitter: “Groundbreaking Data-Sharing Initiative Launches to Increase Understanding of Antimicrobial Resistance. Log on and explore the Register today!! @VivliCenter @GSK @pfizer @Merck @JNJGlobalHealth @SHIONOGI_JP @ParatekPharma @ViatrisInc

Karla Childers on Twitter: “Congratulations to @VivliCenter for the launch of the AMR register! It was an honor to be part of the event today.”

CIDRAP-ASP on Twitter: “Today, @VivliCenter launched the Antimicrobial Resistance Register, which makes it possible for biopharmaceutical companies to share susceptibility data on infection-causing pathogens for the first time ever in one online platform”

Venatorx on LinkedIn: “ATTENTION: Groundbreaking Data-Sharing Initiative Launches to Increase Understanding of Antimicrobial Resistance”

Jeevan John on LinkedIn: “Insight has partnered again with nonprofit Vivli in its launch of an AMR data-sharing platform to help clinical researchers tackle the problem.”

Health Europa on LinkedIn: “Leading pharmaceutical companies have joined forces to share surveillance data on antibiotic-resistant bacteria to tackle the global threat of antimicrobial resistance (AMR).”

Robert Kane on LinkedIn: “The World Health Organization cautions that people’s growing resistance to antibiotics puts us at risk to future pandemics. Insight’s effort to help nonprofit data-sharing organization Vivli launch a new clinical research platform unites the work of the world’s sharpest researchers looking to solve this issue.”