2023 Terms of Participation


All Lead Applicants must sign up to the AMR Register.

Expressions of interest must include a document with details of all team members.

Judges are not eligible to participate in the Data Challenge.

Vivli is unable to share data from restricted countries (Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Cuba and Syria ) due to current US federal regulations.

Winners are responsible for paying any taxes on the prize winnings.

By agreeing to the terms of participation when signing up, registrants agree to receive dataset updates and news from the AMR Register. They can revoke consent to receive emails at any time by using the SafeUnsubscribe® link, found at the bottom of every email.

Team Formation

Teams must consist of at least 2 and a maximum of 5 team members.

Project Development

The output of the Data Challenge will be a solution presented to the judges.

Any software development tools and/or programming language can be used for the Challenge.

Data Challenge design/assets should conform to the Creative Commons License agreement standard or are freely available and you have permission or license to use them. Proof of permission must be given upon request.

A Lead Applicant can only lead one team, but can be a member of multiple teams. Other team members can be on multiple teams.

Entrants retain title to their work but will apply open licenses if relevant to the outputs (including data, figures and code) under one of the licenses referenced in https://opensource.org/licenses.

The license selected by the team must be clearly listed in code (page per page) or a generic page announcing the license the application adheres to. The public code used inside your application should also list the licenses the code is subjected to.

A team can use multiple licenses in the application.

All final solutions will be posted on an open-source forum (e.g., GitHub, OSF, Zenodo).

Any research solutions that are created remain the intellectual property of the research team(s).

Prize Money

  1. Prize Delivery: Prize money will be split equally among the team members. A monetary Prize will be mailed to the winner’s address, only after receipt of the Required Forms.
  2. Failure to provide correct information on the Required Forms, or other correct information required for the delivery of a Prize, may result in delayed Prize delivery, disqualification, or forfeiture of a Prize.
  3. Prize Delivery Timeframe: Within 45 days of the receipt of the Required Forms to support@vivli.org
  4. Fees & Taxes: Makers are not bound to pay any fees or taxes in order to participate in the Data Challenge.

Winners (and in the case of Team or Small Organization, all participating members) are responsible for any fees associated with receiving or using a prize, including but not limited to, wiring fees. Winners (and in the case of Team or Small Organization, all participating members) are responsible for reporting and paying all applicable taxes in their jurisdiction of residence (federal, state/provincial/territorial and local). Winners may be required to provide certain information to facilitate receipt of the award, including completing and submitting any tax or other forms necessary for compliance with applicable withholding and reporting requirements. United States residents are required to provide a completed form W-9 and residents of other countries are required to provide a completed W-8BEN form. Winners are also responsible for complying with foreign exchange and banking regulations in their respective jurisdictions and reporting the receipt of the Prize to relevant government departments/agencies, if necessary. THE POSTER, ADMINISTRATOR, AND/OR PRIZE PROVIDER RESERVE THE RIGHT TO WITHHOLD A PORTION OF THE PRIZE AMOUNT TO COMPLY WITH THE TAX LAWS OF THE UNITED STATES OR OTHER POSTER JURISDICTION OR THOSE OF A WINNER’S JURISDICTION IF SUCH ARE BOUND BY APPLICABLE LAW TO WITHHOLD THE TAXES DUE FOR PRIZES OFFERED DURING CONTESTS.