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May 29, 2024 | Announcement: New Wellcome Open Research Article on the Vivli AMR Register

We are pleased to announce the publication of a new article in Wellcome Open Research detailing the impactful use of data from the Vivli AMR Register. This article highlights how the register has served as a unique platform for 56 teams to leverage high-quality industry surveillance data.

The escalation of infections caused by drug-resistant bacteria worldwide poses a formidable challenge to global health, necessitating innovative approaches to combat this issue. In 2022, Vivli launched the Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Register, a platform that consolidates antimicrobial susceptibility data from pharmaceutical industry surveillance programs. This register provides a freely available and fully searchable user-friendly repository to facilitate scientific understanding of resistance patterns and support the development of innovative strategies to address AMR globally.

To promote the register’s utility, raise AMR awareness, and encourage further re-use of the available data, Wellcome funded the Vivli AMR Surveillance Open Data Re-Use Data Challenge in 2023. This 2023 data challenge successfully fostered diverse, impactful, and innovative solutions that leveraged the AMR Register data to contribute to resolving the AMR crisis. The outcomes of the initiative underscored the importance of access to open data in stimulating collaboration and innovation in the public health domain, particularly in combating the growing threat of drug-resistant infections.

We invite you to read the full editorial to learn more about how the Vivli AMR Register is advancing the fight against antimicrobial resistance through the power of open data and collaboration.