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April 17, 2024 | AMR Data Challenge Winners Set to Present Innovations at ECCMID 2024

Vivli proudly announces recipients of the 2023 Vivli Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Surveillance Open Data Re-Use Data Challenge, sponsored by Wellcome, will be presenting at the ECCMID 2024 conference in Barcelona from April 27th to 30th. We hope that these innovations using pharmaceutical surveillance data will impact patient outcomes as well as inform antimicrobial resistance policies at local and national levels.

On April 27th Dr. Fredrick Mutisya, co-leader of the team from Narok County, Kenya awarded the Grand Prize will give a one-hour oral session on their team solution entitled “Using machine learning to predict antibacterial and antifungal resistance.” Dr. Mutisya will describe his team’s pioneering use of the Pfizer ATLAS datasets to train machine learning models, unveiling a novel artificial intelligence web application capable of predicting antibacterial/antifungal susceptibility.

On April 28th, Quentin Leclerc from the Institut Pasteur will present his team’s poster exploring the potential of synergizing AMR industry datasets with WHO GLASS data representing their project titled “Stronger together? Potential of combining AMR industry datasets and comparison with WHO GLASS.” This endeavor, leveraging insights from all six AMR Register data contributors alongside WHO resources, received an AMR Data Challenge Impact Award.

Also, on April 28th, Yanhong Jessika Hu of the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute will represent her team at the poster session and describe their team’s project on “Global geographical patterns and trends in WHO priority pathogens and AWaRe (Access, Watch, Reserve) antibiotic resistance across age groups: a global surveillance study.” Hu’s meticulous analysis, employing Pfizer’s ATLAS dataset, also garnered an Impact Award in the AMR Data Challenge.

Concluding the series of presentations, on April 29th, Dr. Jacob Wildfire, representing the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, will represent his team’s exploration of “Minimum inhibitory concentration distributions of worldwide clinical bacterial isolates vary by patient age and other key variables.” This project, recognized with a Runner-Up Innovation Award, harnessed data from all six contributing industry partners.

The AMR Data Challenge, funded by Wellcome and hosted by Vivli was designed to foster awareness and incentivize the repurposing surveillance data available in the AMR Register. Attracting 56 teams from 28 nations, this event served as a catalyst for cross-disciplinary collaboration and empowered participants to leverage the wealth of high-quality AMR surveillance data generously contributed by GSK, Johnson & Johnson, Paratek, Pfizer, Shionogi, and Venatorx.