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April 5, 2023 | At the conclusion of the Challenge, will it be possible to publish the outcome review in a scientific journal?

Yes, winning submissions are expected to be published on an open-source forum, such as OSF, Zenodo or GitHub, but we would encourage all participants to publish their outcomes.

The significant outputs of this data challenge may be tools, applications, reports, publications or software. As strong proponents of Open Science, to ensure that the outcomes of the Data Challenge can be used for the greatest impact, participating teams are expected to make their outputs openly and publicly accessible. All final solutions will be published in an open access journal, platform or repository, such as OSF or GitHub. Teams will be best placed to identify the most appropriate repository for their outputs and will be expected to share them in line with the timeline outlined in the FAQs on the data challenge webpage. Outputs should be accompanied by documentation or metadata to allow the solutions to be interpreted and used by others.

Links will be posted on the AMR website at, and shared by Vivli on LinkedIn and Twitter. Winning research teams will be invited to present their work at ECCMID 2024. Any research solutions that are created remain the intellectual property of the research team(s). Delays or restrictions on data or software sharing may be appropriate in limited cases to protect intellectual property.